Never Sleep Flat Again! ( It’s Only Rocket Science )

After a long day on your feet or sitting at your desk, we all look forward to coming home to lie down, relax, or recline. As humans our backs, hips, legs, feet all too often feel the burden, the pain, and the soreness from the force of Gravity all day everyday.

Thankfully there is a position that can help neutralize the pressure of gravity as you sleep. It’s called the Zero Gravity Sleep Position, or Zero G.

The concept of the Zero G position was developed by NASA and the space industry to help neutralize the extreme effects that gravity can have on the body during liftoff. An astronaut’s body endures an exponential acceleration of force just before launching into weightlessness as they exit the Earth’s atmosphere. It was necessary to determine the optimal position for a person to sustain such force.

In the Zero G position, the weight of the body is evenly distributed along the spinal column. In this way, points of focal pressure are relieved and the body can reap tremendous health rewards…


The Top Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Sleep

Pain Relief

The Zero Gravity position can make a big difference in back and neck pain, especially in the lower back.

The natural “S” shape of the spinal column is stressed and contorted in nearly all of our daily living habits… sitting and standing, driving, running, etc. Points in the lower back and neck region may cease up or become intensely sore.

Returning your back to the Zero G position at night can de-stress and relax your spinal column and back muscles to a more natural position.

Improve Breathing

The elevation of your head and neck can drastically improve your breathing at night by opening up your airways and nasal passages.

This can result in reduced snoring and congestion overall.

Reduce Acid Reflux

Elevating your head above your stomach assists your body in keeping stomach acid in its proper place.

Acid reflux and heartburn are known to improve when utilizing the Zero Gravity position when sleeping or relaxing.

Reduced Swelling and Increased Heart Health

By elevating your legs and torso, circulation can improve throughout your body.

Increased circulation in the legs and feet can relieve some of the swelling caused by high blood pressure and diabetes. While simultaneously, elevating the torso can relieve a great deal of pressure from the heart which helps to increase blood flow in the body as a whole.