Wired Remote Control Adjustable Bed Frames

With its 6 very simple buttons on a wired remote, Head Lift & Lower, Foot Lift & Lower, Lounge & Flat... the Serta Motion Essentials II was a very hot item when it first came into the marketplace.


Built to Last: Serta Motion Essentials II

Manufactured by Leggett & Platt

Although Adjustable Bases with wired remotes ( hand control ) are not as popular anymore with the whole world moving to wireless technology, the Serta Motion Essentials II is still a mechanically solid Adjustable Bed. With heavy duty powder coated steel frame and reliable Linak electronics powering the lift mechanisms, they built it to last!

Leggett & Platt is an outstanding manufacturer of adjustable bases, bed frames, and other bedding accessories. L&P produced and private labeled the Motion Essentials II for Serta.

ME2 Freight Damage

The Road to Recovery ( Reupholstery ): Originally Manufactured with Delicate White Fabric

For some reason, Serta had the first two ( 2 ) generations of the Motion Essentials Adjustable Bed Frames upholstered with the same delicate white fabric.

This upholstery was a problem for retailers, as their floors models would look worn or at least a little banged up immediately after unboxing them. The pure white fabric also meant delivery & setup needed to be handled with an extreme level of care. Ultimately customers end up hiding the upholstery with a bedskirt anyway, because it was virtually impossible to keep the Motion Essentials & Motion Essentials II in "like new condition" the moment it is removed from the box.

Serta Motion Essentials Generations

Point of Information: The first generation of Motion Essentials by Serta actually was not made by Leggett & Platt... The original Motion Essentials Base was produced & private labeled by Ergomotion for Serta.

The latest ( wireless ) model, Serta Motion Essentials III, is again being produced by Ergomotion, and Serta has finally moved away from the white fabric of the previous models in favor of a dark grey woven fabric.

Like Leggett & Platt, Ergomotion is also a phenomenal Adjustable Base Manufacturer, and very well respected within the bedding industry. )